Our Difference

Great Selection, Great Value!

Many customers tell us they’re amazed at our low, low pricing and that they really enjoy shopping with us. In fact, we have over 5,000 Five-Star reviews! If you haven’t shopped us before, we hope you’ll have a similar positive reaction!

Designer at her work station
Perfectly matched sofa

Factory Direct

The “Factory Direct” in our name is no gimmick. We’ve established good relationships with many manufacturers permitting us to purchase their regular and overstock inventory at great discounts and pass those savings on to you. And we’ve taken steps to eliminate many other items like high-rent locations, decorations and extensive advertising that would add extra cost to your purchases.

Here you'll find:

  • Guaranteed low pricing thanks to our Price Match Guarantee

  • A simple warehouse-style store - skipping all the frills that would add extra cost to merchandise

  • A variety of products in-stock and ready for immediate delivery, including furniture, hot tubs, cabinets and more...all under one roof!

  • Friendly salespeople who aren't pushy (they won't follow you around the store)

Learn More

Although browsing our website will give you an idea of the items we carry, we encourage you to visit one of our stores to not only experience the feel of the items and get a firsthand perspective on sizes, colors and comfort, but to get to know us better as well!

You’ll find shopping Northeast Factory Direct is easy, fast, and painless!