Hot Tub Servicing

we service hot tubs

Let us help you maintain the excellence of your Hot Tub or Swim Spa with our personalized Pool School and Valet services!

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Alex Nemet

Pool School

A personal visit from one of our Hot Tub Experts will teach you how to operate and maintain Saltwater Fresh Water System, Answer any FAQs, how to test water and chemical balance, how to change water, review of all operations.

Valet (Single Package)

A single session for general maintenance which includes: Filter cleaning and replacement (if needed), debris skimming, cleaning, replace Spa Frog sanitizer, test water and chemical levels.

Valet (Seasonal Package)

Service to start and stop your spa season, including Winterization. Also includes four (4) scheduled cleaning and maintenance sessions per year.

Valet (Annual Package)

The Annual Package takes care of your hot tub year round with twelve (12) personal Valet cleaning and maintenance sessions per year.



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