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Style Guide

Northeast Factory Direct offer several distinct styles of hot tubs and spas for a wide range of lifestyles and activities. Let us help you find the right one for you!

Woman in a Lounger style hot tub


Lounger style hot tubs feature at least one sloping full body seat to allow users to stretch out and “lounge”. Loungers are the ultimate relaxation style, but their capacity is typically lower than non-loungers due to the larger lounge seats. Loungers also include standard bucket seating as well.

Couple in a Non-lounger style hot tub


A hot tub for those looking to entertain multiple guests at once. Non-loungers are spacious hot tubs that do not include sloping full-body seats. This provides more total capacity, often including bucket seating.

Family of four in a Compact style hot tub


The smaller design of compact spas, like Free Flow, make them great for homes where space is a commodity. They are also relatively lighter-weight construction, allowing for easier transportation. Strong, unibody shape hot tub shell eliminates need from internal support frame, which translates to less manufacturing costs to reduce consumer cost. (Compact models include both lounger and non-lounger models.)

Swimmer swimming in a Swim Spa style hot tub

Swim Spa

Perfect for an active lifestyle. Unlike a standard hot tub, a swim spa is a narrow tub lined with strategically placed resistance jets which users swim against. The calibrated jets work to keep you in the center of the swim spa, which provides a full range of motion while exercising or swim training.

Swim Spa Models Available:

*Different models and manufacturers offer varying features in addition to the basic differences listed above. Be sure to reach out to the NEFD team at 216-941-7727 to learn more about the hot tub of your dreams!